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Liz Lisa/Tralala

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Hello :)
I am selling a bunch of very new items/brand new items due to sizes or styles not fitting me. ;3;
My feedback link is here:

Price is fixed, shipping is included in the price. If you live outside of the UK, I will charge an additional £10 for shipping. All shipping will be tracked.

Item one: Liz Lisa White Jacket with bow and floral detail. Size XS
This is so gorgeous, such a shame it doesn't fit me well ;3;
£40 shipped.
My Pic:
 photo photo14_zpsf9018e83.jpg

Stock Pic:
 photo _123_zps4c002edc.jpg
 photo _125_zps0674f9fc.jpg
 photo _124_zps8ec623cb.jpg

Item 2: Liz Lisa Angora traditional floral jumper S. Only tried on

My Pics:
 photo photo44_zps10cfc929.jpg
 photo photo55_zps7228aa46.jpg
Stock Pics:
 photo 140913_08_zpsc9c74135.jpg

Item 3: Liz Lisa pink floral scallop sleeved dress, worn twice.
My pics:
 photo _122_zpsf613df07.jpg

Stock pics:
 photo _121_zps9d678a55.jpg

Item 4:
Liz Lisa jolly Pop top in grey, brand new with tags
My pic:
 photo photo15_zps8d537fcc.jpg
Stock pic:
 photo 142-2009-0_color_0004_zps2952ceba.jpg

Item 5: Tralala white bow shirt
Brand new, perfect condition comes with tags.
I am only selling because I have a similar one from Liz Lisa.Pic doesn't do this justice, it's so flattering!
My pics:
 photo photo42_zps1e8882f7.jpg
 photo photo52_zpsacc8acf0.jpg

Item 6:
Liz Lisa large pearl earnings, I never opened these as I don't think they would suit my face
 photo photo32_zps2c267405.jpg

Item 7:
Liz Lisa pearl necklace
my pics:
 photo photo43_zpsd151a8f0.jpg
 photo photo53_zps777948c1.jpg
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